Paros – Calm and Tranquil island

Paros will forever be my little slice of heaven. It’s a small island but it still packs a punch with a lot of sites to see and everything easily within walking distance. I think the best testament to this beautiful island is that most of the expat workers i’ve met here, stated that they visited the island once and just didn’t want to leave.

We arrived in Parikia by ferry from Mykonos. Parikia is the main town of Paros and where the first settlement had inhabited the island in 3200 BCE. In the middle of the coastal strip there is a typical Greek windmill and an array of restaurants, cafes and bars that are beautifully decorated. The town gives a slight touristy vibe but still retains much of its authenticity and small town feel.

Parikia is apparently the area where the younger crowds and backpackers venture to and Naoussa is the destination where Greeks go to holiday when in Paros. Naoussa is only 25 mins away

by bus from Parikia and it actually feels like being in a mini Mykonos. This area has a wider variety of shops and the scenery is stunning with cobbled walkways, white buildings with vine like pink flowered trees blossoming and adorned on various buildings.

Naoussa – Paros

Although Naoussa is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, I still loved staying in Parikia. I found there was a greater range of restaurants and a better range of clubs and pubs to visit after dark.

My favourite bar would have to be Saloon d’or. This bar had a more relaxed feel and the patrons were quite welcoming. In this bar there was 10 shot challenge and you can win a T- shirt. The shots given were really nice strangely – my favourite shot was the snicker’s bar.

Martselo Beach

For a small town there were quite a lot of selection in where to go for clubbing, but my friend and I just visited Alga’s (cocktail bar), Saloon D’or and the Dubliner. The Dubliner costs 5 euros entry and there are 3 main rooms all blasting different music, so there is something for everyone whether you like pop, RNB or 90’s music. One thing to note about clubbing/bars in Paros is that they start quite late in the night and things do not kick off until after 12am. We made that mistake and started the night quite early at 9.30pm.

There are great beaches in Paros and a number of party beaches that you can do water sports on such as Poundas beach and Golden beach. It was quite windy when we arrived so we settled for a nearby beach (Martselo beach) that was shielded by most of the wind. Martselo beach had the option of using facilities such as sun beds on one end of the beach, but we decided to walk slightly further up and have an entire slice of paradise to ourselves.

We ended up getting a return boat trip to this beach for 6 euros in total. This was great as they just dropped us off and we had the freedom of staying as long as we would like until 7.30 pm (as they would come every half hour).

This is my second trip to this island and it  has quickly become one of my favourite places to visit.



What are your experiences here?