Mykonos – Party Island and Beaches

The iconic Greek white buildings, cobbled narrow winding pathways and the rhythmical flow of sea air blowing through your hair, everything you see in those travel brochures or think as quintessentially Greek will be found in Mykonos. I decided for my Greek adventure this time around that I will travel without a tour and will explore it by myself with an old friend, Sammy. There … Continue reading Mykonos – Party Island and Beaches

IRELAND: All Hail the Goat King!

Ireland is known for many things: jovial people, Guinness, folk tales, uplifting music and captivating landscapes. I am quite certain that “Goat King” does not spring to mind when people think of ‘The Emerald Isle’. I know it certainly did not for me.  Now, after stumbling into one of Ireland’s oldest Fairs, Ireland will be forever in my mind inexplicably linked to goats. The Puck … Continue reading IRELAND: All Hail the Goat King!